San Francisco Bay Area-based rock band Lucid Rays plays original songs that are a fusion of classic and contemporary rock sounds with a decidedly modern beat and with lyrics reflecting their commitment to raising social awareness and promoting positive change. 

I love how everything is melting together...I love it...It sounds really pristine. ” - DJ Change-Up

— The Mash-Up Madness Program at KCRH 89.9 FM

about lucid rays

Nestled in the vibrant heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, fate orchestrated a musical encounter that would set the stage for Lucid Rays. Asher and TC Morse's paths converged at a local conference, not by chance, but as the prelude to a serendipitous musical collaboration. TC Morse captured the sentiment perfectly, stating, "It was clearly fate... the first time we played together, we knew." This serendipity birthed Lucid Rays, which currently features the talents of:

Asher: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

TC: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Jim Johnson: Guitars, Vocals

David Sands: Bass, Vocals

Victor Griffith: Drums, Vocals

What began as an informal jam session between Asher's adept lead guitar and TC Morse's charismatic lead vocals evolved into the dynamic Lucid Rays. Their shared passion for music and a collective desire to create something extraordinary fueled the organic growth of their lineup. To complete the musical mosaic, Asher enlisted his friend and reputable Bay Area musician, Dave Guglielmana on bass guitar, who, in turn, brought in Vic Griffith, a self-taught drummer with a history in local cover bands. Lucid Rays emerged from this creative crucible, a band whose synergy reverberated in every chord, lyric, and electrifying performance.

Each member brought a diverse tapestry of musical experiences to the table, ranging from childhood instrumental pursuits and school band adventures to college-level music studies and diverse musical interests. Under the mentorship of legends like jazz maestro Jimmy Heath, Berklee School of Music's Brett Wilmot, and Journey's Ross Valory, they honed their skills, some even sharing stages with renowned artists like Les Claypool before his Primus fame.

From 2012 throughout 2018, the band’s original members: Asher, TC, Dave, and Victor wove a kaleidoscope of musical influences into their compositions, creating a unique sound that blended the raw power of elegant, classic rock. Their music, characterized by original, punchy, classic rock songs, transcended mere melodies and riffs, reflecting their unwavering commitment to social awareness and positive change through impactful lyrics.

In 2012, Lucid Rays entered El Cerrito Records to record their debut album, "Hard Time in the City," under the guidance of the multi-GRAMMY Award® winning production team, Oscar Autie and Kenya Autie. The album featured a rich array of sounds, including hand percussion, piano, strings, and saxophone, seamlessly harmonizing with their original instrumentation. Explaining the album's essence, Asher remarked, "The album is really a conglomeration of diverse influences. If you look at all four of the members, it started out as an idea, and everyone's experience really comes into play."

2014 saw the release of their single "More in Common," a powerful anthem championing diversity and inclusion. It served as a poignant reminder of the shared humanity that unites us.

The year 2016 marked the release of their second album, "Stand Before the Systems." Venturing beyond their classic rock roots, Lucid Rays infused alternative rhythms and sounds into their music, expanding their sonic horizons and garnering a growing fan base in the UK.

In 2018, a wave of reinvention swept through their personal lives, prompting the band to take an unforeseen hiatus beyond their control.

Fast forward to 2023, and Asher's outreach to TC sparked a resurrection. Before they knew it, the creative spark was rekindled, leading to the formation of a new lineup. Welcoming guitarist and background vocalist Jim Johnson, who had been playing with the band since 2016, and bassist Dave Sands who came into the fold in 2022. With this renewed lineup, Lucid Rays has returned with newfound strength, poised to captivate the world once again with their highly anticipated third studio album.