Lucid Rays

Lucid Rays
lyrics—TC Morse
music composition—Asher

Lucid Rays formed about 12 years ago.
TC Morse had poems and lyrics.
Asher was writing music.
The chemistry clicked.

There were many live shows, and  then 2 CDs. Lucid Rays was fortunate enough to connect with El Cerrito Studio and the first CD was released in 2012 and the second CD was released in 2016.

To hear any of the 24 recorded songs simply go to Youtube and search Lucid Rays!

The third CD should be released by the end of 2021! With Asher in the Motherlode counties and TC in the Bay Area, the band and its music has evolved and grown.

The current line-up:

  • TC Morse on Vocals
  • Asher on guitar
  • Jesse Hampton on Guitar
  • Jeremiah Heath on Bass
  • >Steven Hilton on Keyboards
  • Jim Bailey on Drums