Lucid Rays Rocks “Hard Time in the City” as First CD Release


February 4, 2013

Kenya Autie
Phone: (510) 776-3623

SAN FRANCISCO, California — San Francisco-based rock band Lucid Rays will release its first studio album on Feb. 16. A release party will follow at El Rio on Wednesday, February 27 at 10 pm.  Address: 3158 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110.  Admission: $8.

“Hard Time in the City” includes 12 original songs that are a fusion of classic and contemporary rock sounds with thought-provoking lyrics reflecting their commitment to social justice and promoting positive change.

“We produced an album that is varied without losing the rock sound,” said co-founder TC Morse. The band’s tastes run the gamut from acoustic folk to Italian opera. Band members cite classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Who), classical music (Corelli and Shostakovich) and contemporary rock (Slash, and Nickelback) as strong influences on this first release.

In their first album, produced and engineered by Oscar Autie, the group incorporates piano, sax and percussion with arrangements that move from the melodic to the very progressive, showcasing the group’s eclectic style and rock roots.

Lucid Rays musicians Asher (Lead Guitar, Keyboard, and Background Vocals), TC Morse (Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, and Tambourine), Dave Guglielmana (Bass), and Vic Griffith (Drums and Background Vocals) have been performing together since 2011, building a following in local venues, as well as an online presence.

Physical CDs are available upon request.  For further information, contact Kenya Autie by phone (510) 776-3623 or by email Learn more at

Hard Time in the City (Album) - Released 2013